Results 2016-2017

Series 2016 - 2017 has begun. 10 9 Rounds will be Run with the Best 8 7 Counted in our Club Series Pointscore!

The Pointscore is based on accumulated Class Points for the Series with the Best 8 7 Rounds Counted from 10 9 Rounds Run. This series we are running from July to June. If we finish with an odd run it will be classified as a FUN RUN unless announced prior to the run. The best time of two runs per round are counted in the final times.

To be eligible for Final Placings in Class and Outright each Entrant has to be a Financial Member of Kyneton Car Club Inc in the Events and compete in the same Class for a minimum of 3 Events. Class Points are awarded as follows:-

3 Entries in the Class points are awarded 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 down to 10 entries.

2 Entries in the Class points are awarded 9,8

1 Entry in the Class points are awared as 8

This Class pointscore system has been operating for many years and gives all members the opportunity of becoming the Club Outright Champion! ENJOY!!

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60th Anniversary Presentation Night Photos by Shirley Caldwell