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Thank you to our Guest Speaker – Lionel West – Bronze Aussie

Series Winners 2018-2019 Series

Club Champion

1st Brad Hall 189 points

2nd Marcus Houston 182 points

3rd Andrew Kilpatrick 171 points

Autocross Series

A Class

1st Ken Fay 65 points

2nd Don Smith 30 points

3rd Sean Finning 20 points

B Class

1st Paris Robinson 57 points

2nd Rob Burgess 27 points

3rd Stephen Fagan 20 points

C Class

1st Leigh Swingler 20 points

2nd Daniel Found 19 points

No third

D Class

1st Tony Sommers 61 points

2nd Dylan Sommers 52 points

3rd Paul Lincoln 50 points

E Class

1st Andrew Willcock 67 points

2nd Rick Williams 60 points

3rd Vlad Basa 50 points

F Class

1st Michael Evans 20 points

2nd Ray Evans 18 points

No third

J Class

1st Max Hudgson 67 points

2nd Mitch Lincoln 49 points

3rd Jordan Beesley 40 points

V Class

1st Craig Abraham 70 points

W Class

1st Brad Hall 70 points

2nd Marcus Houston 61 points

3rd Andrew Kilpatrick 57 points

Ladies class

1st Stephanie Houston 66 points

2nd Clare Franzo 60 points

3rd Raeleen Flint 57 points

RWD Class

1st Vlad Basa 68 points

2nd Max Hudgson 48 points

3rd Tony Sommers 47 points

Tarmac Series

A Class

1st Ken Fay 20 points

2nd Don Smith 18 points

B Class

1st Vlad Basa 19 points

1st Leigh Swingler 19 points

2nd Daniel Found 16 points

C Class none

D Class

1st Tony Sommers 20 points

2nd Geoff Parker 18 points

2nd Dylan Sommers 18 points

E Class

1st Clare Franzo 18 points

1st Mark Franzo 18 points

F Class

1st Jarrod Smith 20 points

2nd Ray Evans 19 points

J Class

1st Max Hudgson 20 points

2nd Patrick Swingler 18 points

3rd David Pillinger jnr 16 points

S Class

1st Ian Johnstone 20 points

W Class

1st Sean Hudgson 20 points

2nd Marcus Houston 17 points

2nd Andrew Kilpatrick 17 points

2nd Michael Cleland 17 points

Ladies Class

1st Raeleen 20 Flint points

2nd Clare Franzo 18 points

RWD Class

1st Jarrod Smith 20 points

2nd Ray Evans 19 points

3rd Max Hudgson 16 points

3rd Vlad Basa 16 points

3rd Tony Sommers 16 points

“King of Kyneton”

King - Sean Hudgson

Queen - Dwayne Bruni

Top Ten Shoot out - Brad Hall

Prince - Max Hudgson

King Of Kyneton Team


Rick Williams

Andrew Kilpatrick

Marcus Houston

Dylan Sommers

Tony Sommers

Mark Franzo

Vlad Basa

Round 1- KCC Autocross 150718 Results(Version 3).pdf

VCAS Round 6 KCC Autocross 19082018_VCAS.pdf

Round 2 KCC Autocross 19082018_KCC.pdf

Round 3- KCC Autocross 15092018 Results.pdf

KCC Hillclimb Round 4 30092018 Results.pdf

Round 5- KCC Autocross Results 21102018.pdf

Round 6- KCC Autocross 18112018 ResultsV2.pdf

Round 7 - Wodonga One Car SprintV4 - 240219.pdf

Round 8 Wodonga One Car Sprint OUTRIGHT 23 24 MARCH results.pdf

Round 8 Wodonga One Car Sprint SATURDAY 23 MARCH results.pdf

Round 8 Wodonga One Car Sprint SUNDAY 24 MARCH results.pdf

Round 9 KCC Timing Sheet Sunday 28th April 2019.pdf

Round 10 KCC Sunday 19th of May 2019.pdf

Round 11 KCC Day Night Saturday 15th June 2019.pdf