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Kyneton Car Club Inc.

  1. Join a Cams Affiliated Club - like ours. - Complete your membership form and scan/take a photo of it and send it to Pay by Direct Deposit. Account Name: Kyneton Car Club BSB: 033 121 Account Number: 534827 Email: with a copy of your bank receipt. Once you have received your membership card.

  2. Apply for your Motorsport Australia Level Speed Licence or Junior Level Speed Licence (whatever is applicable) as we run Autocross it is a Speed event and this type of licence is required. If you have held a licence previously a renewal would be required with CAMS. 12-14yo require a JNS (Non Speed Licence) to participate in Junior Development only. Once attaining the age of 14yo Juniors can start to compete in Autocross and will then need to upgrade to a speed licence. We are currently running a transition format for Juniors to enter into Autocross 14-18yo.

  3. Check that your car (once you have got hold of a beast) meets the Scrutineering requirements well before the event - Scrutineering Report.pdf

  4. Get the Supplementary Regulations for the event that you are planning to enter and study them. Our events require pre entry ON LINE so get those entries in early. Junior Development has its own Online entry. These regulations are the rules and regulations that Cams have issued a permit to the club to run the event. There is invaluable information relating to the event in these Supp Regs. Be well prepared before the event. SAMPLE ATTACHED KCC Supp Regs Meet 21st April 13.pdf

  5. Contact The Members of the Kyneton Car Club Committee! if you have any questions. They are great people to deal with and have extensive knowledge of events.

Please Note: Most importantly get prepared prior to entering your first event. Licence/Cars/Drivers/Helmets must meet all requirements.

So In Short, 'What Does Your Car Need to compete ??"

Any Road Car will do, as long as it has good working seat belts, the seats is still in good condition, It is in good mechanical condition

(exp brakes are in good condition) and not about to fall apart around you. Also make sure it is not overly Loud ( must have a exhaust system)

Install a 1kg fire extinguisher AS1841.2 usually somewhere on passenger floor, somewhere so driver can reach it when seated and it must be bolted to floor, not screwed!! also look for the extinguishers with a metal bracket with a metal locking strap

Finally get yourself a Australian safety standard AS/NZS1698 Helmet in good condition

And Your cars Ready To Race!!!!

What sort of events are held at Kyneton Car Club?

Kyneton Car Club Inc mainly run Autocross events ,our track is very suitable for these events, and the Club is very lucky enough to have created some great facilities for both competitors and spectators over the years. Our track is classed as one of the best Autocross tracks in the State.

During the year we run special events held at the likes of Bryant Park Tarmac Hill Climb track, Broadford motorcycle road circuit, and Wodonga TAFE tarmac track

Our members compete in all forms of Motorsport racing be it Tarmac , circuit, historic, rally, and hillclimbs to name but a few, others just enjoy driving their pride and joy on road trials etc.

What is Autocross?

Autocross is a speed event that is a timed competition where drivers solely navigate one at a time through a temporary course marked by cones and tyres. Kyneton Autocross is run on a dirt track. The emphasis is on Driver skill, handling and navigating the course set whilst being timed. The course is no longer than 2k. Penalties are awarded if Cones and tyres are dislodged. It is a great spectator and family event. Many families get into Autocross and all genders enjoy the competition. Quite often cars are driven by multiple drivers throughout the event with the maximum drivers being three to four per vehicle. Where multiple drivers are driving a vehicle the Event Secretary spaces the drivers out amongst the field as to give the drivers enough time between runs to be enable them to line up. Family members not driving are encouraged to help out on the day. It is certainly classed as a stepping stone to other Motorsports and a lot of fun. Our Juniors gain a lot of dirt experience prior to obtaining licences and can handle wet, slippery, fast dry tracks with a lot of skill and accomplishment. Come and join the Fun and Thrills of Autocross at Kyneton.

Junior Development and Training

We are currently offering Junior Development for 12 to 17yo and Transitional training for 14yo upwards from 7.30am - 9.15am prior to commencement of our normal event at a very reasonable cost of $25.00 per person. Junior Development is available for Juniors aged between 12 to 17 years of age. Juniors/Seniors Training for over 14yo and above are welcome to participate to enhance their skills under the "Come and Try Policy". Newcomers 14yo and over this is the chance to pick up some skills prior to transitioning yourselves out on the track and is supervised and under strict instruction. These classes are wonderful to establish skills and handling under direct supervision without high speeds prior to entering the level of Autocross competition. The Juniors 12yo -14yo are ready for Autocross competition by the time they turn 14 years of age with the invaluable skills they have learn't from our instructors which can be seen on the competition track once they have transitioned. Club membership and a Cams Non-Speed licence is required to participate in Junior Development/Training sessions. We request that the Non Speed Licence is obtained prior to participating in the event as a Kyneton Car Club Member.

Pre Book your Junior Development participation ON LINE in our on line entry sheet. Click Junior Development/date of event/Full Name and Address/Licence Number/Emergency Contact/Phone Contact/Email Address. Work through the form until you reach the end. Click pay on day and hit submit. Your done and can now participate in the next event when Junior Development is being held. Click here for Dates Please note we do not hold Junior Development at our bitumen events at present.

This is a great opportunity for existing Juniors and Adults to acquire skills under instruction.

Once you are at the Autocross entry level a Speed 2 licence will be required minimum age to compete in Autocross is 14yo-Junior members are not allowed to drive Turbo, or Supercharged vehicles in Juniors. If 14yo are driving any of those type of vehicles they must hold a full Level 2 speed licence and compete in ordinary classes. Our members range from 14yo to 88 years young.


Our amazing track with all its variations.

What type of car do I need??

Well any type or style of car can and has been used at Car Club but you have to decide what you want to get out of it for yourself. Do you want a really fast car? Do you want a road registered vehicle so that you can drive it back and forth to car club? Have you got a car trailer or access to one if you haven’t got a road registered vehicle? Some cars can become club registered but there are rules and regulations governing the club permits for these. So if you are looking to transport your club car take into consideration the cost of getting to and from the events.

Some of the older popular cars are Datsuns, Corolla’s, Escorts, Mazda’s they turn well into the corners and have plenty of get up and go. FWD ‘handle really well and seem to be suited to our track. The smaller 2wd Lasers, Astra’s, are also popular. In the bigger models there are Commodores, Nissans, Fords whatever you like. In the 4WD models Subaru’s, Mitsubishi, Lasers, , Toyota all appear to do well.

There are a lot of older Classic and Historic models that are favourites with the crowd as well as drivers.

It will totally depend on what sort of money you chose to spend. You could pick up an EBAY or Market Place special or pay a bit more for a Cams Log Booked fully fledged Rally Car.

The only cars requiring Rally Cages are Specials but it is advisable to have a Cage in the car as you do reach some pretty quick speeds on the track.

Cars are entered into various classes based on engine capacity and type. This enables almost any vehicle to enter as long as it adheres to the rules and regulations applied by the Club at Scrutineering.

If you are unsure of anything just ask. We have members that have been doing Autocross for 30 years or more and they will be only to helpful in steering you in the right direction. Your current committee members are there for you so wander up for a chat. If you don’t ask you don’t learn and they are a pretty friendly crew.

What else do I need?

You will also need a Helmet approved with Australian Standard Rating, in good condition. Full faced or open faced helmets are allowed. After all it is to protect your head from damage if required.

Clothing should be tight fitting from neck, wrists to toe and be of anti inflammable material.

Ambulance cover is highly recommended.

Every event has Supplementary Regulations. READ them carefully and you will conform and be ready for the event well in advance. The Supplementary Regulations for the Event will be found on our Website.


And in the Club Newsletter.

Pre entering with the On line entry form is preferred. Especially if you have multiple drivers as they can be spaced into the event running order prior to the event.

Payment for your entries is required on the day. Or it can be pre paid if you send in a Pre Entry. Some events require payment with pre entry. Check the Supp Regs carefully.

Make sure you bring your Club Membership and Cams Licence to every event as proof of current membership . Your licence will be checked for it’s Expiry Date to make sure you are covered on the day of the event.

Right I have got my car and have it ready for Event day –


Re Read your Supplementary Regulations the night before and see that you have everything covered. Licences/Membership/Scrutineering requirements/Clothing Requirements/Helmet ready /Car loaded/Scrutineering times etc.

Once you have checked that you have everything get a good night’s sleep ready for the action next day.

Allow yourself plenty of time to get there.

As soon as Scrutineering starts put your car in the line up ready to be Scrutineered. If you haven’t got a log book get one in advance from the people at the check in table. Keep it in the glove box of your Autocross vehicle.

Once your car has been scrutineered you can put it in the pit parking area and take your Scrutineers Report to the check in desk for verification if you have Pre entered the check in person will have your entry there and check the details. You will need your Club membership card and your CAMS licence to hand over and the Payment for the Entry Fee. This will be checked EG: Class, Vehicle details, Licences, Club Membership. You will then be given a Number or Numbers if there are more than one driver. This number needs to be placed on the rear passenger side window usually on the left hand side depending on which way you are running on the track. If you were running in reverse it would need to be on the right hand side so that the stewards and timing box can clearly see which number is driving the car. Make sure you have the correct number with the matching driver it can make it hard for the timing people. Only have one number on the window at a time that also helps the stewards and timers.

Right you are all checked in and the adrenalin is pumping!

There is usually plenty of time if you get there early before the event starts. The track committee will have the track laid out.

Once all vehicles have been scrutineered and entries checked all the names are typed into a Spreadsheet ready to record the times. There is then a Drivers Briefing by the Clerk of Course who makes announcements about the track and things to look out for etc. What we call a parade or sighting lap is then done in your vehicle with everyone so that you can memorise where you will be going for the first run. Once completed THE REAL FUN BEGINS. Keep an eye on your number and run in number order all day.

Enjoy the thrill and exhilaration of Autocross!!


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