Results 2011-2012

Series 2011 - 2012 has Finished. 14 Rounds were Run with the Best 11 Counted in our Club Pointscore!

The Pointscore is based on accumulated Class Points for the Series with the Best 11 Rounds Counted from 14 Rounds Run. We had more rounds this series as we are running from July to June for the Series in 2012-2013.

To be eligible for Final Placings in Class and Outright each Entrant had to be a Financial Member of Kyneton Car Club Inc for the Series and competed in the same Class for a minimum of 3 Events. Class Points are awarded as follows:-

3 Entries in the Class points are awarded 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 down to 10 entries.

2 Entries in the Class points are awarded 9,8

1 Entry in the Class points are awared as 8

This Class pointscore system has been operating for many years and gives all members the opportunity of becoming the Club Outright Champion!

Kyneton Car Club Series 2011-2012 Pointscore Winners

AutoPro Kyneton made a huge contribution towards our Trophy Fund donating the Proceeds of their VIP membership to the Club. Please support AutoPro Kyneton and ask for a VIP membership when in the Store.

We would like to Thank the Sponsors Listed for making our Presentation Night the great night it was:

  • Kyneton AutoPro

  • Turner Bros. Kyneton

  • Kyneton Auto Spares and Repairs

  • Windarring-Kyneton

  • Thomas & Chong Chemart Castlemaine

  • Kaddy's Cafe Baker Kyneton

  • Elders Kyneton

  • Betta Electrical Kyneton

  • Kyneton Veterinary Hospital

  • Maine Shoes and Accessories Castlemaine

  • Kyneton Dry Cleaners

  • Tanners Toy Box Kyneton

  • Images Fine Jewellery of Kyneton

  • Piper Street Hotel Kyneton

  • Videoland Kyneton

  • Kyneton Mensland

  • Subway Kyneton

  • Castlemaine Post Office

  • Quintessence Cafe Kyneton

  • Bridgestone Kyneton

  • Bolton's Kyneton

  • Ganims Fruit and Vegetables Piper Street

  • Ladyz At Lunch-Kyneton

Thank you to these businesses and if you can throughout the year support them as they so generously supported us and helped make our 55th year of existence-SPECIAL!