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Membership Due by 1st January Annually

All memberships are due and payable by 1st January Annually . See Gavin Pollock Ph 0409 996 403, email ;

A membership form must accompany all renewals. Go to the Membership Page .

Any member with Red Plated cars must have a current membership at all times or your vehicle is classed as unregistered if it lapses.

2022 Autocross

This will be full competition racing.

The supp regs are on site and entries are open. They will close Friday at 6.00 PM.

Please make sure you have the correct class and only one class entered for your car. Also the car details are correct.

If you are sharing a car, enter separately and send me a email.

Frontal Head Restraints

Hi everyone,

Great news on the event front with a clarification of the FHR regulations from Motorsport Australia (CAMS) – meaning that if you are running a road registered or unregistered car that is not log booked then you do not need FHR. I am pleased that we finally got this information from Motorsport Australia and hopefully this means that if you have been holding back putting in an entry, you can now enter either Broadford or Wodonga. If you have a log booked car however you have to have FHR unless you change your log book to Category 7 Speed (only) which is exempt. Scrutineers please familiarize yourselves with the information below.

From: Technical []

Sent: Tuesday, 7 January 2020 4:18 PM


Subject: FHR in speed events

As per the phone conversation on FHR

Part B of the below bulletin and in Schedule D (click-here) Table 1.4 Speed

Category 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 (other than Go Karts) fall under part (a) and (b) of the note (and the text of the bulletin below) in schedule D table 1.4 Speed.

Category 7 Speed is not included in the requirement set out in the note. Therefor any vehicle log booked as category 7 speed does not required the drive to have a FHR and / or a level A or B helmet.

All registered and unregistered vehicles without log books are not included in the requirement. Therefore these vehicles do not require the driver to have a FHR and associated safety equipment to use it.

A FHR compliant with Standard A and a Helmet compliant with Standard A must be worn when competing in:

(a) Each 1st Category (single seater) automobile, except for:

(i) a Superkart; or

(ii) a 5th Category automobile which is exempt from the use of a FHR.

(b) Each automobile the subject of a CAMS Log Book which applies a RACE, RALLY/ROAD, OFF ROAD or 5th CATEGORY classification that requires the mandatory use of a FHR.

The use of a FHR is not required for a Road Registered automobile for a SPEED Event, except where Article (b) above is applicable.




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