Next Event 
Round 7 Sunday 19th January 2020 Club Super Sprint
Broadford  BitumenTrack
Motorcycle Complex, Broadford
Approved Sup Regs are now available and no entries are to be received unless entrants have read the Supp Regs pertaining to this event.  Further regs may be issued at a later date.

Please read these Supp Regs thoroughly

Kyneton Car Club members please get your entries in by 10th January 2020
entries will open up to other  Club members 11th - 16th January 2020 or until Cap (48) reached

We have been advised by the Motorcycle Complex Management that there will be a noise check carried out 4 times throughout the event of a max noise level of 95db taken by a fixed device 30 metres trackside. Please make sure you do not exceed this noise level or you will be eliminated from participation.

There will be No Junior Development held at this event.

  • Please read the Supp regs prior to entry.

Steph Maltby,
Nov 28, 2019, 6:00 PM