ROUND 7 Broadford track bitumen event has been postponed until Sunday 5th July 2020.  It will still be known as 
ROUND 7 of the 2019/2020 series.
Thank you for your understanding. Members that have pre paid for this event can either be refunded or leave their payment as pre paid for July 5th.
We do apologise for any inconvenience.

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Good Evening

It is with much regret that we advise that the Broadford track which has been undergoing resurfacing and will not be ready for our event on Sunday 19th January 2020 this has caused a Force majeure for the event, 



We have however been offered to run the event on Sunday 26th January 2020 which is the Sunday of the Australia Day weekend.  If you are willing and able to run on the 26th January 2020 and have already entered your entry will stand as it is, if this is not suitable to you or you have any objection with this change of date of the event please reply to this email immediately.

Broadford Motor Cycle Complex have also offered alternative dates mid-year if this is what is the majority of competitors want. 

We need your answer if unfavourable immediately so that we as a committee can make the best decision based on our members/competitors feedback.  We need YOUR feedback if you are unable to attend on the 26th January 2020.   We will have to consult with Motorsport Australia (CAMS) any changes to the regulations.  Further regs will need to be issued. 

We are still holding our quick meeting at the KCC Clubrooms on this coming Sunday (Jan 12) at 4pm to go over the running and procedures of the event if we run on 26th January 2020.

We sincerely apologise as do the Broadford Motorcycle Complex for the short notice of change. 


Sue Maltby


Kyneton Car Club Inc


Round 7 Sunday 19th January 5th July 2020 Club Super Sprint
Broadford  BitumenTrack
Motorcycle Complex, Broadford
Approved Sup Regs are now available and no entries are to be received unless entrants have read the Supp Regs pertaining to this event.  Further regs may be issued at a later date.
There will be No Junior Development held at this event.
Further Regs.pdf issued by MotorsportAustralia

Please read these Supp Regs thoroughly further regs will be issued for this event if we run on the 26th January 2020 Please read above.

We have been advised by the Motorcycle Complex Management that there will be a noise check carried out 4 times throughout the event of a max noise level of 95db taken by a fixed device 30 metres trackside. Please make sure you do not exceed this noise level or you will be eliminated from participation.

Please be familiar with the Frontal Head Restraint mandatory changes as of 1st January 2020. Please read below.

Hi everyone, 

Great news on the event front with a clarification of the FHR regulations from Motorsport Australia (CAMS) – meaning that if you are running a road registered or unregistered car that is not log booked then you do not need FHR. I am pleased that we finally got this information from Motorsport Australia and hopefully this means that if you have been holding back putting in an entry, you can now enter either Broadford or Wodonga. If you have a log booked car however you have to have FHR unless you change your log book to Category 7 Speed (only) which is exempt.  Scrutineers please familiarise yourselves with the information below. 

Call me if you have any questions. 



Wes Wilkinson

President -  Kyneton Car Club

Ph. 1300 723 978 or 0407 359 098 or E-mail : 

From: Technical []
Sent: Tuesday, 7 January 2020 4:18 PM
Subject: FHR in speed events

As per the phone conversation on FHR

Part B of the below bulletin and in Schedule D (click-here) Table 1.4 Speed


Category 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 (other than Go Karts) fall under part (a) and (b) of the note (and the text of the bulletin below) in schedule D table 1.4 Speed.


Category 7 Speed is not included in the requirement set out in the note.  Therefor any vehicle log booked as category 7 speed does not required the drive to have a FHR and / or a level A or B helmet.


All registered and unregistered vehicles without log books are not included in the requirement.  Therefore these vehicles do not require the driver to have a FHR and associated safety equipment to use it. 

A FHR compliant with Standard A and a Helmet compliant with Standard A must be worn when competing in:

(a) Each 1st Category (single seater) automobile, except for: 
                  (i) a Superkart; or
                  (ii) a 5th Category automobile which is exempt from the use of a FHR.

(b) Each automobile the subject of a CAMS Log Book which applies a RACE, RALLY/ROAD, OFF ROAD or 5th CATEGORY classification that requires the mandatory use of a FHR.

The use of a FHR is not required for a Road Registered automobile for a SPEED Event, except where Article (b) above is applicable.





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There will be No Junior Development held at this event.

  • Please read the Supp regs prior to entry.

Steph Maltby,
Dec 28, 2019, 1:18 PM
Steph Maltby,
Nov 28, 2019, 6:00 PM