Getting Started

Motorsport there is just nothing like it!.....
Come On! Have some fun and Join Us for some Autocross Action at 
Kyneton Car Club Inc.

  1. Join a Cams Affiliated Club - like ours.  -  Complete your membership form and scan/take a photo of it and send it to Pay by Direct Deposit. Account Name: Kyneton Car Club BSB: 063517   Account Number: 10031316       Email: with a copy of your bank receipt. Once you have received your membership card.
  2. Apply for your Cams Level Speed 2 Licence or Junior Level Speed 2 Licence (whatever is applicable)  as we run Autocross it is a Speed event and this type of licence is required.  If you have held a licence previously a renewal would be required with CAMS.    12-14yo require a JNS (Non Speed Licence) to participate in Junior Development only.  Once attaining the age of 14yo Juniors can start to compete in Autocross and will then need to upgrade to a speed licence.  We are currently running a transition format for Juniors to enter into Autocross 14-18yo.
  3. Check that your car (once you have got hold of a beast) meets the Scrutineering requirements  well before the event - Scrutineering Report.pdf
  4. Get the Supplementary Regulations for the event that you are planning to enter and study them. Our events require pre entry ON LINE so get those entries in early.  Junior Development has its own Online entry. These regulations are the rules and regulations that Cams have issued a permit to the club to run the event.  There is invaluable information relating to the event in these Supp Regs.  Be well prepared before the event.  SAMPLE ATTACHED KCC Supp Regs Meet 21st April 13.pdf
  5.  Contact The Members of the Kyneton Car Club Committee!  if you have any questions.  They are great people to deal with and have extensive knowledge of events.
Please Note: Most importantly get prepared prior to entering your first event.  Licence/Cars/Drivers/Helmets must meet all requirements.
Steph Maltby,
Apr 5, 2013, 6:20 PM
Steph Maltby,
Apr 5, 2013, 5:58 PM