KCC Red Plate Vehicles

Red Plate Vehicle form to be completed by all members that have Red Plated Vehicles through the Club both new/renew. An internal Audit is being undertaken of all Red Plated Vehicles that have been accepted through the Kyneton Car Club Inc.

Please complete the attached Form and Submit. Photos of your vehicles are to be sent to kcc.clubpermit@gmail.com with the following dated photo's.
    1. Front of the vehicle, all doors closed
    2. Drivers Side of the vehicle, all doors closed
    3. Rear of the vehicle, all doors closed
    4. Driving position, side on with the drivers door open
    5. Where possible, photo of engine/chassis number
Please read the attached Club Permit document. 
Steph Maltby,
Jun 2, 2018, 4:32 AM